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Summer is at its peak now & it can be really uncomfortable to be carrying a heavy baby bump in this distressing weather. In pregnancy, the basal body temperature is already higher than normal and so the increased outside heat & humidity can make you feel even more uncomfortable. Heat & humidity, while unpleasant for most people, can take a higher toll on pregnant women. Although you can’t do away with the weather completely, there sure are ways by which you can make this summer more enjoyable in pregnancy.

Summer Pregnancy Tips :

Hydrate yourself

Keeping yourself well hydrated is extremely important for you & your baby. Dizziness, Nausea, dry lips  are all signs of dehydration which need to be tackled promptly.

  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water everyday ( if you can’t drink plain water, try adding a slice of orange / lemon or some mint for flavor ! )
  • When going out, drink one glass of water for every one hour that you are out in the sun
  • Don’t take too much of diuretics like tea/ coffee. They make your body lose water & electrolytes.

 Eat Right 

Eat foods that help you keep cool

  • Include a lot of fresh fruits & vegetables in your daily diet ; cucumbers, water melon, coconut & other juicy fruits are a good option.
  • Take frequent, small meals. Don’t overeat
  • Avoid Spicy / oily foods
  • Avoid foods that have been kept out in the heat for long. Eat fresh

Keep cool

  • Avoid outdoor activities during the hot hours of the day ( 12-4 PM ). Plan your outings & exercise in early morning or late evenings
  • Carry a spray bottle with you when going outdoors. Spray water on face frequently
  • Get indoors on the first sign of weakness/dehydration; lie down & drink some cool liquid. If it doesn’t help, call the doctor
  • When feeling hot, use a wet cloth on forehead, neck & back to cool you down.
  • Take a cool shower or go for a swim to beat the heat
  • Plan your exercise regime for early morning or late evening. Relax & take rest if you feel tired. Do not over exert. Swimming, Yoga & walking are safe in pregnancy


Dress to Kill ( The heat ! )

  • Wear light coloured, loose , cotton garments that allow your body to breathe. Maternity maxis, tunics, gowns, skirts etc. are great options
  • Avoid tight fitting, synthetic garments
  • Wear sunglasses, caps/ scarf when going out

Skin & hair care

  • Dry & itchy skin in pregnancy may worsen during summers & can be tackled by using moisturizers & keeping hydrated
  • Apply sunscreen with high SPF when going out in the sun ( check with your doctor before trying any new product )
  • Prevent heat rash by keeping dry the skin between folds like under the breasts & belly, in between thighs etc
  • Keep hair tied high up to allow free circulation of air on neck/ back & reduce sweating.

You could also go for a cool short summer haircut & get a new look too !

  • Leg swelling can be a normal part of pregnancy but it can get really troublesome in hot & humid weather. Keep legs elevated when sitting for long hours & also when sleeping. Avoid excess salt intake

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