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Welcome to the second trimester of pregnancy, Moms! As you must have already started to notice, this trimester (13-27 weeks) is a more comfortable and enjoyable  time compared to the first trimester.  The nausea  and  morning  sickness  of  pregnancy  now  start  to  subside  and  the  appetite  returns. The  baby  bump  usually  does  not  show  before  the  20th week which can bring some discomfort but not yet. Not yet. Most  women   feel  more  energetic  and  better  adjusted to  the  hormonal  changes of pregnancy  during  the  second  trimester  and  hence  this  period  has  been  rightly  called  the  ‘Honeymoon  period ‘  or  rather  the  ‘Baby moon  period ‘ of  pregnancy.

Development of the baby in the second trimester

The second  trimester  is  the  time  for  rapid  differentiation  &  growth  of  the  baby.  The   baby  grows  from  a  size  of  about  2.9 inches , weighing  23  gm  to  about  14.4  inches  and  weighing  approx 800-900  gm  by  the  end  of  it. It  really  is  a  miracle  how  a  small  mass of  cells  in  the  beginning  of  pregnancy  changes  into  a  fully  differentiated  and  well  developed  human being  during  the  antenatal  period.

As the second trimester progresses, various organs  of  the  body  develop  and  differentiate  to  acquire  optimal  functional  capacity  in itself, a system growing rapidly. The  baby’s  kidneys  start  to  function  &  form  urine, and  the  intestines  take  their  normal  position  inside  the  abdomen.  The baby’s skeleton develops gradually from the early part of the second trimester and the bones may be seen  on  an  Ultrasound  scan.  It  is  quite  an  emotional & exciting  moment  to  witness  your  baby’s  hand  and  limb  movements  in  that  all-informing ultrasound  scan  and  also  to  feel  its  first movement  at  around  18-20  weeks  ! The  baby’s  eyes  and  ears  get  fully  formed  and  the baby  can  hear  muffled  sounds  as  early  as in the 18th  week  of  pregnancy, although  he/she  may  respond  to  your  voice  only  by the 25th  week.  The fingernails  and  fingerprints  develop  and  the  baby’s  hair  is  visible  as  soft, lanugo  hair  by the 22nd  week.  By  the  24th  week,  the  baby  develops  regular  sleep  and  waking  cycles  and  grows  real  hair. The  lungs  and the  nervous  system  of  the  baby  are  growing  and  maturing  rapidly  at  this  stage  and  new  milestones  are  reached  and  crossed  every  week .

Diet and Nutrition in Second Trimester

The  importance  of  a  balanced  diet  in  pregnancy  cannot  be  emphasised enough.  Good  nutrition  is  necessary  not  only  to  meet  the  mother’s  energy  requirements,  but

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