High Risk Pregnancy Specialist in Gurgaon
High Risk Pregnancy
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High Risk Pregnancy Specialist in Gurgaon – Dr. Smita Vats  

High Risk Pregnancy is just a term used by the doctors to refer to any pregnancy that requires more care and monitoring during the course of pregnancy, delivery and  post delivery; as compared to other, so called ‘Normal Pregnancies’. It just means that you need extra care in order to ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Factors of Pregnancy Risk –

A pregnancy may be considered High Risk due to a number of factors that can affect the mother or the baby during or after the pregnancy. These factors may be either pre-existing or may develop during the course of the pregnancy:

Pre -existing factors include:

  • Women who smoke or consume alcohol have a higher risk of miscarriage, Small-for-date babies, preterm delivery, malformations in the baby and a number of other complications during & after delivery.
  •  Age less than 18 or more than 35 years.
  • Pre-existing medical ailments – These include presence of any medical illnesses before the onset of pregnancy for eg- Hypertension, Diabetes, Epilepsy, Bronchial asthma, Thyroid ds, HIV, Hepatitis, Heart disease, Kidney disease, Auto-immune diseases, Blood disorders like Sickle cell anaemia or any other medical illness.
  •  Prior Surgery over the uterus – For eg Myomectomy or other uterine repair surgeries, history of any surgery over the cervix.
  •  Any history of any complications in the previous pregnancy for eg- Preterm delivery, miscarriage, abruption of placenta (separation of placenta from the uterus before delivery of baby), High blood pressure / Pre eclampsia/ Eclampsia, gestational diabetes, excessive or reduced liquor during previous pregnancy, history of low birth weight or malformed baby in previous pregnancy, history of traumatic delivery or post delivery complications, history of caesarean section in previous pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy etc.
  • Obesity, i.e a BMI of 30 or more, puts you at a higher risk of developing High blood pressure, Diabetes during the course of pregnancy. It also increases the chances of the need for an operative intervention eg. Ventouse or Caesarean section for delivery of the baby.

High Risk Pregnancy Specialist in Gurgaon – Dr. Smita Vats 

Factors developing during pregnancy include:

  • Short cervix.
  • Any bleeding or leaking – during the course of the pregnancy needs to be closely monitored & treated accordingly.
  • Low lying Placenta – or Placenta praevia, puts you at a higher risk of bleeding during pregnancy leading to preterm birth or Caesarean section. The doctor would need to monitor closely with the ultrasound scans whether the placenta has migrated upwards in the uterus during the course of the pregnancy.
  • Hypertension/ Pre eclampsia – These would require very close monitoring of BP, liver & kidney function, frequent clinical examinations & blood/urine investigations along with serial ultrasound scans and antihypertensive medications to ensure the wellbeing of the mother & baby.
  • Down’s syndrome or other chromosomal malformations in the baby. These would generally require extensive testing, counseling & decision regarding whether or not to continue with the pregnancy.
  • Growth restriction or too large baby.
  • Twins or Multiple pregnancy.
  • Gestational Diabetes – This again would need close monitoring of blood sugar values, liver & kidney function, Ultrasound scans etc to keep a close eye on the baby & mother’s status.
  • History of Chicken Pox, Toxoplasmosis or other infection in pregnancy.
  • Decreased or Excessive liquor around the baby.


High-risk pregnancies require close monitoring and sometimes referral to a perinatal center.

  • When referral is needed, transfer before rather than after    delivery results in lower neonatal morbidity and mortality rates.
  • Risk assessment is part of routine prenatal care. Risk is also assessed during or shortly after labor and at any time that events may modify risk status.


High Risk Pregnancy Specialist in Gurgaon  – Dr. Smita Vats  ( Best Gynaecologist in South city II )


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