Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy

Your  diet  in  pregnancy  lays  down  the  foundation  stones  for  your  baby’s  health  and  wellbeing  in  future.  Research  shows  that  babies  who  are  born  healthy  and  at  full  term  remain  healthier   throughout  their  lives.  They  are  better  equip  to  face  the  infections  and  illnesses  of  childhood .  A  balanced  diet  rich  in  all  the  necessary  proteins,  carbohydrates, fats,  vitamins  &  minerals  is  important.  But 

Bowel And Bladder Problems In Pregnancy- All You Need To Know!

Pregnancy ,  for  most  women, is  a  journey of  joyful  anticipation,  excitement  and  anxiety  all  at  the  same  time . This  is  because  along with  the  thrill of  welcoming  a  new  life  into  your  life,  pregnancy  brings  along  a  lot  of  hormonal  and  physical  changes  in  your  body  which  may  disrupt  your  normal  daily  routine  to  a  significant  extent.  Most  important  among  these  are  the  bowel  and  bladder  problems  whi...

Second Trimester Is Fun! Make It Count!

Welcome to the second trimester of pregnancy, Moms! As you must have already started to notice, this trimester (13-27 weeks) is a more comfortable and enjoyable  time compared to the first trimester.  The nausea  and  morning  sickness  of  pregnancy  now  start  to  subside  and  the  appetite  returns. The  baby  bump  usually  does  not  show  before  the  20th week which can bring some discomfort but not yet. Not yet. Most  women   feel  more  energeti...

Managing Bone Health and Osteoporosis in Women

Women are the central axis around which the social framework of our society revolves. Bone health is critically important in maintaining the quality of life and yet many women tend to ignore their own healthcare while tending to the multiple roles in balancing their professional and household responsibilities. In women, bone health deteriorates rapidly after menopause. According to worldwide estimates, 1 in 3 post menopausal women suffers from osteoporosi

Urinary Tract Infection in Women – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment & Prevention

Urinary Tract Infections in women   Urinary  Tract  Infection  ( UTI ) is  defined  as  the  infection  of  any  part  of  the  Urinary  system  i.e  the  Urethra, Urinary  bladder, Ureters  or  the  Kidneys. These  infections  are  quite  common  in  women  because  of  the  short  length of  the  urethra  &  the  proximity  of  the  urethral  opening  to  vagina &  anal  opening  in  females.  How does Urinary Tra

Balanced Diet Before & During Pregnancy

Best Nutrition Tips for Pregnancy  A  nutritious  diet  forms  the  basic  foundation  of  a  healthy  lifestyle  at  any  point  of  time ,  but  it  is  even  more  important  if  you  are  pregnant or  planning  a  pregnancy.  This  is  so  because  your  baby  receives  nutrition  through  your  body  during  pregnancy  and  hence  well  nourished  mothers  give  birth  to  healthy  babies.  This  of  course,  does  not  mean  that  during  p

Are You Well Prepared for Pregnancy ?

Pregnancy  is  the most dynamic time of  a  woman’s  life . It  is  a  roller coaster  journey  where  you  may  feel  ecstatic &   joyful   one  moment  and   quite  low & tearful  the  next .Most  of  these  changes  are  dependent  upon  your  body’s  response  to  the  pregnancy  hormones  and  there  isn’t  much  that  you  can  do  about  it. However,  you  can  ensure  that  your  body  is  better  prepared  to  deal  with  these  change

Endometriosis: Is there a cure?

Endometriosis is a condition in which cells of uterine lining i.e the Endometrium, are present in abnormal locations outside the uterus, for eg. over the ovaries, fallopian tubes, pelvic wall and in the space between rectum and the postrier aspect of the uterus. Just as the uterine lining grows and bleeds under the effect of hormonal cycles every month, similarly these abnormally located cells also grow and cause bleeding every month in the body part where

Pelvic Infections: Causes and Prevention

Pelvic Infections or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), is a term used for infection of Pelvic organs i.e the Uterus, Fallopian tubes & Ovaries in a woman. These are commonly transmitted sexually but may, sometimes, be attributed to other causes. According to WHO, about 448 million new cases of Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) are diagnosed annually and it is among the top 5 disease categories for which an individual seeks medical care.Signs a

Treatment of Fibroids in Uterus – What are your options?

Uterine fibroids or myomas are benign (non-cancerous) tumours of the muscle cells of the uterus. These are produced due to a localized overgrowth of the smooth muscle and connective tissue of the uterus and can cause a variety of symptoms. They are hormone dependant tumours found in about 20%- 30% Indian women. They are usually found in the age group of 30- 50 years but can actually present at any age. The exact cause of development of fibroids is unknown
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