Best Cervical Cancer Treatment in Gurgaon
Cervical Cancer
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For Best Cervical Cancer Treatment in Gurgaon consult Dr. Smita VatsBest Gynaecologist in South City-II , Gurgaon.


Cancer of the cervix or cervical cancer is the second leading cause of female cancer deaths in India . However, it is preventable & there is actually a vaccine available for its prevention. Being aware about it is half the battle won !


Causes of Cervical Cancer & risk factors


  • Human Papilloma Virus ( a sexually transmitted infection )
  • Multiple sexual partners
  • Early onset of sexual activity
  • Multiple childbirths
  • Smoking
  • HIV infection


What are the Symptoms of Cervical Cancer


Precancerous stages may not give symptoms but are picked up by routine  screening tests of Pap’s smear & HPV- DNA testing. Advanced stages may present with abnormal vaginal bleeding, foul smelling discharge vaginally, Bleeding after intercourse or after menopause.


Screening & Diagnosis


Screening for cervical cancer is done by Pap’s smear & HPV- DNA testing.  Pap’s smear is one of the greatest success stories of preventive medicine. It is an OPD procedure  done by inserting a speculum into the vagina & removing cells from cervix with the help of a brush or a spatula. The cells are then collected in a liquid medium or spread on a glass slide & sent for microscopic examination.

Diagnosis is confirmed by visual examination of cervix, colposcopy  & cervix biopsy.




This depends entirely on the stage of the disease. In early stages, local removal of the cervix may be done but in later stages, Uterus with cervix, tubes & ovaries are removed. Radiation & / or Chemotherapy may be used alone or alongwith surgery in advanced stages.


Prevention & Vaccination


Prevention is primarily by avoiding the risk factors. Use of barrier contraceptives ( male/Female condoms ) prevents transmission of HPV , which is a major causes of cervical cancer. More than 76 % cases are caused by HPV infection. HPV is a sexually transmitted infection & hence having multiple sexual partners increases the risk.

Routine screening with Pap’s smear must be done every 3 years in all sexually active women. Alternatively, Pap’s smear alongwith HPV – DNA testing may be done every 5 yrs. Even women with a single steady partner are strongly recommended to undertake routine screening with Pap’s smear.

Vaccination is against various strains of HPV & provides reliable  protection against cervical cancer. There are 2 types of vaccines available, both given in 3 doses over a period of 6 months.  Women who have been vaccinated should still undergo routine screening with Pap’s smear.



For Best Cervical Cancer Treatment in Gurgaon consult Dr. Smita VatsBest Gynaecologist in South City-II , Gurgaon.

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